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History of the first snowmobile
History of the 1st Snowmobile
The first snowmobile ever made  was built in 1917

The first Eliason snowmobile was built by Carl Eliason in 1924
The small snowmobile displayed a front mounted liquid cooled 2.5 HP
outboard engine, slide rail track guides, wooden cleats,
 rope controlled steering skis and two-up seating.

In 1927, the first patent for a snowmobile was issued to Carl J. Eliason of
Sayner, Wisconsin. The patent listed Eliason's invention as a snow machine.

Snowmobile History eiliason
model t conversion snowmobile photograph of a snow sleigh or ice sled powered by an engine
old snowmobile 1926 Fordson
Bogonna Snowmobile Lorch Snow Plane
The Bogonna was first built in 1958 in St Boniface, Manitoba.
Commercial production started in 1960 to 1963 offering two models, the Pony with a 7 hp Wisconsin engine and the Super with a 9.2 hp Wisconsin engine.
Carl Lorch of Spyhill Saskatchawan built the Lorch Snowplane.
Carl built 418 machines from 1932 to 1956.
The Loch was equip with 3 skis then changed to 4 skis.

Ski-Doo Twin Track
The double track of Bombardier. In 1963 this sled was called RD-8
The name changed to Alpine in 1965
Tucker Snow cat
Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation has been the leader in snow machine engineering and development since inception. Family inventors since the 1920's,
  Tucker Sno Cat History Page
nazi snowmobile  
Ski Bird Boatel Bozak Power Toboggan 
Boatel built a contemporary type of sled called the Ski-Bird by Boatel. Mike Bosak invented the Bosak Power Toboggan for winter travel over the snow. At peak production his operation employed three men, as well as himself. He was one of the earliest Canadians to manufacture and sell a snow machine.
Ski Daddler Snowmobile
Image from Tom's Classic snowmobiles
Scampur Sled
Image from David's Vintage Snowmobile page

Scorpion snowmobile
Scorpion snowmobile manufacturing

Snowmobile coming down the Mississippi River to Hastings 1910

Tucker Sno-Cat 

1965 polaris snowmobile sno traveller

snowmobile proto type
Sno-Jet snowmobile 1971, ? 1964, 65, 66
Sno-Jet History , In October of 1964,  Sno-Jet was Born.
1969 Tundra Ski-Doo
The Skiroule 440 cc  Museum
Mercury Snowmobile History Page, Mercury snowmobiles
Mercury Snowmobile History Page


Yamaha 1963 Yamaha 1969

1968 The SL350
The root of all Yamaha snowmobiles, this stylish,
white machine was introduced as a test model

The 1969 SL351, Yamaha's first full production model,
 introduced oil injection and slide-valve carburetors
 to the snowmobile industry - features that are still in use today.

In 1958, Joseph-Armand Bombardier designed the modern snowmobile. Bombardier is considered the father of snowmobiling who began commercial production and marketing of the Ski-Doo snowmobile in 1959. Joseph-Armand Bombardier was the first person to successfully market snowmobiles. He was granted a Canadian patent in 1960 and a U.S. patent in 1962 for his endless track vehicle aka snowmobile.

Bombardier Museum

Joseph-Armand Bombardier and the History of Snowmobiling

History of The National Snowmobile Straightline Racing

NSSR has officially been in existence since 1986. Snowmobiles began speed run racing in the 1970’s and by the early 1980’s there were a number of exotic unlimited sleds with V8’s and outboard motors including the Budweiser Sno-King. The need for a professional organization was discussed by many of the “Speed Run Racers” in the early 1980’s and led to the establishment of the National Snowmobile Straightline Racing organization which became known as NSSR. Clubs - History - Vintage


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